Thursday, September 25, 2008


never a dull moment at the pharmacy. sure, the waiting is boring, but there's always some interesting people hanging around. waiting for their schizophrenia meds and medicinal marijuana that they swear up&down is for their muscle spasms.
after a long journey from the parking lot and thru the entire store, you're halted by a stop sign instructing you to not cross the line until called upon. thanks HIPPA. you kind of glance around, making sure not to stare at anyone too long. "wonder what he's got" you think, trying to decide if his face is naturally that shade of yellow.
the last time I was at the pharmacy, I sat next to a big bin of books on clearance. every once in a while someone would paw thru it for a bit and move on. then a woman, who we'll call "lola" started digging around aimlessly. stopping only to page thru "how it's made FOR KIDS!", she sang along to every song that came over the radio. first it was "golden years" by david bowie. she doesn't know all the lyrics, so it's coming out like "don't let me tell you life is hm hmm hm hmm-hmm aaangel...come hmm hmm baby look at the sky life's hmm hmm nights are warm and days are one..."
I want so badly to correct her. I mangle lyrics all the time, but I love David Bowie...and wouldn't I be doing her a favor?
suddenly the music changes and I can barely tell what song it is. she's obviously excited cuz she starts swaying a little bit. is this what I look like? she knows all the lyrics. she's a little off key, but aren't we all...
"I'll be your dream I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope I'll be your love be everything that you need"
truly madly deeply. I had to copy&paste those lyrics.
she stayed for the whole song before moving on to frozen foods.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

cotton candy

I don't remember why my mom calls people "cotton candy people".
whenever she's out and about, she comes back with people watching stories, never leaving out 'cotton candy'.

every night at don's there's cotton candy.
tonight, justin&i arrived and the two booths connected to ours were foreigners. we were playing apples to apples. they might've been thinking how wonderful it is to be American; we can just go have coffee and play board games all night.
it's wonderful.